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Matthew David Wilson


Matthew David Wilson

It is with great sadness, but with deep understanding and acceptance, that we announce the passing of Matthew David Wilson on March 30th, 2021. Matt came into the world on January 2nd, 1978, ironically enough, as we always said it was the one day of the year that no one was interested in partying, not even Matt.

He was brought into the world by Denise (Picot) Savoie and Stephen Bourque, who had great love for him, but who were not in a place to provide what he would need for a strong foundation. A difficult choice to give him up for adoption was made, and like so much of Matt’s life, the Universe ensured he landed in the very best home. His birth mother, so much like Moses’ mother in the bible, found the courage to guide him into the arms of another family. Matt was the answer to Doug and Angela (Legere) Wilson’s prayers.

Doug and Angela were model parents, both when he was young, but right until they day he chose to leave this world. Angela was born to be a mother, it takes a special kind of woman to survive, and thrive, while raising a child like Matthew. Doug was the father every kid on the block wished they had. He was the coach of so many teams, anything the Wilson kids took an interest in, Doug dove into. There is no doubt that Matt’s loving and generous nature came from what he witnessed growing up with his parents. Matt, even at his darkest moment, was filled with love and gratitude for them.

Matt was blessed to have an older sister, and a little brother, his sister an intelligent and inspirational woman, Dr. Anne Wilson (Mike) of Kitchener, ON, and his brother, Christopher Wilson of Charlottetown, PEI, equally gifted, his side-kick, and mostly willing accomplice. Matthew grew up surrounded by love, laughter, integrity, generosity and faith. This strong foundation anchored him, even in his darkest days.

When Matt was a young man, he found his birth parents, and his circle of love grew to include a stepsister, Vanessa Lindsay (Dave), half siblings Jennifer Keays, Melanie Keays and Pierre-Luc Savoie.

Matt lived life to the fullest, which often meant crossing lines that others were not prepared to. He found the "ying" to his "yang" when he met a Dooly’s bartender named Amanda McCordic. Opposites in so many ways, but they were aligned in most of their core ethics. He was instantly smitten, Amanda, not so much. He worked away on her all summer, sending sweet little emails, and tipping generously. Amanda resisted. It took a series of crazy events that led to Matt and Amanda moving in together as roommates. On their first day as roommates, Matt declared they would end up married, Amanda was doubtful (both about being his roommate and the marriage!).  From there, he worked his magic. They were married on June 12, 2007, in a simple but joyous wedding.

Despite her initial reluctance, Amanda and Matt were soulmates, of this there can be no doubt. They built a beautiful life together, which included raising his son, Ethan Hunter Turner, into a strong, sensitive natured, loving man, and bringing the spit fire daughter, Amelia Dawn Wilson into the world. Amelia was his pride and joy, the perfect combination of Matt and Amanda. His light lives on in these children.

Matt built a company, Source Management, that brought opportunity and prosperity to his family. He eagerly shared that prosperity with so many, in a million different ways.

Matt was always surrounded by love, and was blessed to be welcomed into the Robichaud clan – Ricky, Heather, Eden, Charlene, Lauren, Lexi, and Pauline were near and dear to his heart, right to the end. His love for them cannot be emphasized enough.

With Matt the lows were low, and the highs were high, and there was nothing in between. He could never do anything in half measure. Matt shined his light, and tried to hide the darkness within him. It is amazing all that he accomplished while carrying the weight of that darkness.

Matt, after months of careful consideration, decided to end his life on his own terms. On the day that he made the final decision, he did not touch alcohol or drugs. It was not a rash action. While those who loved him so dearly, desperately wanted to beg him, guilt and plead with him to stay a little longer, like they had so many times before, he made it clear in the days leading up that he could not. It was only after his death his family learned that Matt most likely had metastatic renal cancer. He squeezed every drop of fun and adventure out of this life and his body, and then left on his own terms.

A celebration of Matthew’s life will be held at J.A. McAdam Memorial Chapel on Monday, April 5, 2021 at 2 pm, by invitation only due to limited seating. This service can be watched online at the following link:

In memory of Matt, we would ask you to get out in nature, be mischievous, make some questionable decisions and bend a few of the rules. If you would like to make a donation in his name, we would request it be to the Nepisiguit Salmon Association, The Nashwaak Watershed Association, The NB Nature Trust, or to the Fredericton Montessori Academy Playground Fund.
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Service Date
Monday, April 5, 2021
Service Time
2 pm
Service Location
J.A. McAdam Memorial Chapel, by invitation only. Live Stream Link:

Requested Charity
Nepisiguit Salmon Association, The Nashwaak Watershed Association, The NB Nature Trust