What is preplanning?

Preplanning is simply the process of drawing up plans for a funeral before they are needed.

It involves gathering a variety of family information and making decisions about the type of services that you want. For instance where the funeral itself should take place and who might participate. Working together with a professional Preplanning Counsellor you organize and record all of this information.

Our Counsellor is a specially trained arranger who can lead you through the process providing advice and guidance along the way. He also has all the information you need about the funeral home's services and merchandise.

You may choose to pay for the arrangements in advance or your plans can simply be held on file at the funeral home to be carried out when they are needed and invoiced to the estate or family at that time. Our Counsellor can explain your options.

Why preplan?
Here are a few of the reasons we often hear.

Should I prepay?
Not everyone does but it makes sense for many people.